A bottle of Pinot Noir does not go well with a discussion of Cartesian philosophy. I discovered this the hard way last night when I thoroughly embarrassed myself during a discussion of Descartes’ primacy in the modern solipsistic ethos. In the sober light of day I see it so clearly…Cogito, ergo sum. Nowhere must I posit an other outside of my own thought process. That other is completely tangential to any notion of me as being. It is an a priori truth–a beautiful self contained argument. All of our western thought stems from this simple principle.

Could I elucidate that last night? Of course not. I was halfway through a bottle of red and moving toward the other half as quickly as possible. Moreover, I broke my cardinal rule: never argue with a gorgeous woman, particularly when she is both more intelligent and more sober than me. Like Descartes’ first premise, that, too, is an a priori truth.